It's the generation that didn't experience life before the Internet and global connectivity born and raised amidst successive crises caused by others, with all that implies for its political positions, consumer habits, and overall worldviews; developing human relationships in the diversity of social media, free from prejudices and stereotypes.

"Sensitive" and "anxious," infused with a strong "sense of realism" or "pragmatism," "deeply inclusive" but also "selective" in what it devotes itself to; regardless of the traits various studies attribute to Generation Z, it's certain that its time has come. It increasingly asserts its visibility and influence in the public sphere, in the job market and entrepreneurship, and in civil society.

The central ambition of the conference is to shed light on the key challenges that Generation Z itself poses for the future, such as the restructuring of traditional structures and institutions, the restoration of a sense of security, and the connection of work to personal fulfillment. It will also highlight the major challenges it will be called upon to face, such as the rise of artificial intelligence and the climate crisis.

At the conference, young members of Generation Z will discuss and "confront" distinguished representatives from politics, business, and social life who have played a crucial role in shaping today, creating the framework for a meaningful intergenerational dialogue.